Gavin Barrett 2lb 2oz and 2lb 9oz roach

“My roach fishing on the Hampshire Avon has been phenomenal this winter but my latest session has probably been the best yet”

“On reaching the river I fed an area of slack water on my nearside bank with liquidised bread, crushed hemp and fine gravel mixed in to get the bait down to the bottom, then trotted either a single maggot or breadflake over the top.
In hardly any time at all I was slipping specimen roach into my keepnet – including fish of 1lb 12oz, 1lb 14oz, 1lb 15oz alongside a fine brace of two pounders.
Despite the high water the Avon has been running crystal clear so you get to see you prize long before it’s safely secured in the landing net.
They were heart-stopping moments indeed.”