Steve Hemingray

NAME: Steve Hemingray

LIVES: Leicester

OCCUPATION: Heating engineer


  • European Individual Champion 2009
  • World Championship 2013, Individual Silver & Team Gold 2013
  • 2x King Of The Erne
  • 2x Gold Cup Champion
  • Rive Drennan Challenge Champion 2014
  • Winter League Final Individual Winner
  • Super League Final Individual Winner
  • Fish'O'Mania Finalist
  • 2x Fish'O'Mania International Team Winner

TEAM: Starlets

BIGGEST FISH: 21lb carp

BEST MATCH WEIGHT: Lots of big weights of carp, but not as enjoyable as 80lb+ of roach on the pole in Ireland!

FAVOURITE METHODS: Flat float fishing on deep, fast rivers in Europe

FAVOURITE VENUES: Ones that are fishing well. Variety has always been important to keep me thinking

ANGLING AMBITIONS: To keep competing at the top level for as long as possible

FAVOURITE ITEM OF TACKLE: Anything that gives me an edge to win a match


Steve is a highly talented and hugely respected Team England international who is adept at all methods. He is particularly well known for his skills with the waggler and slider, which have been finely honed on regular trips to Ireland, where he also loves to fish. 

Growing up in the East Midlands means he has mastered canals, rivers and lakes and loves his team fishing. He has done plenty of travelling over the years competing in high-profile events, at both domestic and international levels.

He is a European individual gold medalist and still a vital member of the current Drennan Team England squad and a regular traveling partner with team mate Alan Scotthorne.