Stu Lennox

NAME: Stu Lennox

AGE: 33

LIVES: Marlow


  • Tench 8lb
  • Perch 3lb
  • Chub 6lb
  • Bream 12lb
  • Dace 1lb
  • Carp 39lb 15oz
  • Catfish 50lb

BEST CATCH: Probably a stunning 36lb carp off the top during a specimen carp match. I was using a light 1lb test curve rod and on the fish's initial it stripped over 80 yards of line! It was an incredible fight and an amazing match.

FAVOURITE METHODS: I like putting huge bags of carp together using big beds of bait and solid PVA bags over the top. I also like trotting in unknown swims in the winter for whatever comes along.

FAVOURITE VENUES: Willow Lake, Fenland Fisheries, Cambridge

ANGLING AMBITIONS: To win the British Carp Angling Championship

FAVOURITE ITEM OF TACKLE: The 13ft Acolyte Ultra. This was the first piece of 'elite' fishing tackle I owned and I can still remember the first time I picked it up and was just amazed at the craftsmanship. Many a freezing winters day has been spent cradling that rod!

ABOUT: Stu has to balance a full-time career with his passion for angling. He's predominantly a big carp angler, but enjoys chasing all species and learning from anglers who fish other disciplines. Watching a float dip under is still as exciting as ever for Stu!