Jamie Cartwright

LIVES: Northampton

OCCUPATION: Production Manager

TOP ACHIEVEMENTS: Winning the Drennan Cup in 2014 and finishing 3rd in 2011.


  • Barbel - 15lb 15oz
  • Bream - 15lb 6oz
  • Carp - 41lb 14oz
  • Catfish - 59lb 4oz
  • Chub - 8lb 4oz
  • Dace - 11oz
  • Eel - 5lb
  • Grayling - 2lb 1oz
  • Perch - 5lb 2oz
  • Pike - 33lb 8oz
  • Roach - 3lb 13oz
  • Rudd - 2lb 9oz
  • Tench - 11lb 5oz
  • Zander - 11lb 15oz
  • Crucian - 3lb 14oz

BEST CATCH: Tough call, but probably a brace of 30lb+ pike or a catch of 6 roach totalling 18lb 11oz.

FAVOURITE METHODS: I think there is something special about watching a float. Whether it is running an Avon through a swim in search of chub, fishing a driftbeater lift style for tench or watching a zeppler bobbing away as it supports a nervous live bait, you can't beat the excitement of a float sliding from view.

FAVOURITE VENUES: The rivers Great Ouse and Nene, and numerous big weedy crystal clear low stock gravel pits.

ANGLING AMBITIONS: Just to continue improving my personal bests as much as possible and enjoying every precious minute l get to spend in the bank.

FAVOURITE ITEM OF TACKLE: My old Super Specialist Duo that I used to catch some wonderful fish on, but the Series 7 Avons are amazing rods for the money.

ABOUT: Jamie has a demanding full-time job and a young family, and like most anglers is limited to fish one day at the weekend or an evening or two in the week. Jamie has also been a member of the Northampton Specimen Group for over 8 years.