Lee Klimczuk

NAME: Lee Klimczuk

LIVES: Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire

OCCUPATION: Property Developer


  • King Of Clubs Champion
  • Lough Ramor Festival winner
  • Muckno Mania Summer Festival Champion
  • Muckno Autumn Festival Champion
  • White Acres Winter Festival Champion
  • 3x Norfolk Broads Champion
  • 2x Bourne Winter League winner

TEAM: Drennan

BIGGEST FISH: 20lb mirror carp

BEST MATCH WEIGHT: 237lb of F1s shallow at Decoy Lakes Fishery

FAVOURITE METHODS: Bread fishing in the Fens. Feeder and pole fishing for roach and hybrids in Ireland.

FAVOURITE VENUES: Lough Gowna, Norfolk Broads (River Yare, River Bure and River Thurne)

ANGLING AMBITIONS: To win back the King of Clubs. I’ve not fished it for five years after previously finishing 1st, 2nd and 4th the last three times I’ve fished it. I would love to get this one back!

FAVOURITE ITEM OF TACKLE: Drennan Acolyte Plus 14ft float rod


Lee has won opens on a variety of different venues including the River Nene, Bure, Trent, Thames, Yare, Welland, Thurne, Avon and old Nene, plus canals and Fenland drains. He is a family man with two young children and runs a small property business that takes up a huge amount of his time, so any time spent on the bank is precious.

He has travelled all over England and Ireland to compete over the last 20 years. A big part of his sport was taken up with team fishing, eventually joining the mighty VDE Essex County squad.

“When the team fishing scene began to decline I changed my style of fishing to be much more positive,” he explains. I always fish to win and this suits my lifestyle as I only enter limited competitions and being positive has helped me record some good results.”