Maurice Prijs

NAME: Maurice Prijs

LIVES: Utrecht, Holland

OCCUPATION: Civil Servant


  • Wild Bijzonder Vissen championship 2013
  • Open Dutch Championship commercial fishing 2015 runner-up
  • Numerous match wins on Witvis Totaal Commerial Carp matches
  • Numerous match wins on Witvis Totaal Commerial Carp winter matches
  • Numerous match wins on natural waters 

TEAM: None

BIGGEST FISH: 22lb common carp

BEST MATCH WEIGHT: 250lb of bream

FAVOURITE METHODS: Short pole with meat

FAVOURITE VENUES: Dutch commercial fisheries and the River IJssel

ANGLING AMBITIONS: To keep winning and to continue enjoying my fishing



Maurice has been fishing since the age of seven and has fished all kinds of different Dutch waters. He is therefore familiar with a wide range of techniques, from fishing with light tackle on small canals to tackling heavy flowing rivers and long-range feeder work.

With a rich apprenticeship served on natural waters, Maurice now focuses a lot of his fishing on the commercial fisheries that are become increasingly popular in Holland. He is also a regular visitor to the United Kingdom where he particularly enjoys sampling the sport on offer on English commercial fisheries.

Maurice is also a regular in the Dutch angling media, where he shares blogs and writes instructional articles. He enjoys giving back some of the great experiences that fishing gives him.

He also likes to follow Drennan Team England during the European and World Champs and enjoys examining how the team successfully perfects and fine tune their approaches for the match days.