Wayne Swinscoe

NAME: Wayne Swinscoe

LIVES: Nottingham

OCCUPATION: Retired Electrician


  • River Trent: Kamasan British Open winner, Fish Aid 89 winner, Newark Advertiser Trophy winner, Home Ales Championship winner, Burton Angling Festival winner
  • River Thames: Thames Championship winner, 2x Vortex Championship winner
  • River Welland: Tetley Gala winner, Chesterfield Open Championship winner
  • River Nene: British Sugar Championship winner
  • River Avon: Shakespeare Championship winner, Wychavon Championship winner, 10x Evesham Team Championship winners
  • Lakes: ACA Masters, Fairmitre British Masters. Ireland: Bass Fermanagh Festival winner. Team wins: 2x National Championship, 6x AT Winter League Final, 2x Drennan Super League final, NFA Knockout Final
  • Canals: 3x Erewash Canal Winter League individual champion

TEAM: None

BIGGEST FISH: 18lb carp

BEST MATCH WEIGHT: 181lb 12oz of roach on the River Erne, Enniskillen

FAVOURITE METHODS: Any sort of float fishing, especially on running water

FAVOURITE VENUES: Years ago the River Thames at Medley and Burton Joyce on the Trent. Now, commercial silverfish venues.

ANGLING AMBITIONS: Just to carry on doing the fishing I really enjoy

FAVOURITE ITEM OF TACKLE: 15ft Acolyte Ultra float rod


Wayne has a wealth of match fishing experience spanning well over 40 years. Having started in his teens on the River Trent, which runs through his home town, he soon honed his river skills. He joined the famous Trentmen team in his early 20s and his match career really took off. After a few years, the Shakespeare Superteam came calling and Wayne moved to the West Midlands circuit with much success. 

As the rivers started to decline he was asked to captain the newly formed Essex County again in a new era down south. This was team fishing at its best and they had unprecedented success for many years.

Fishing for Wayne has now come full circle and he's now back fishing locally on the Trent through the summer months and then really enjoying silverfish matches on commercial fisheries through the winter.