Daniel Woolcott’s 3lb 1oz and 3lb 10oz rudd brace

One of the best rudd catches of the season has been had by Daniel Woolcott, who has banked this cracking 3lb 10oz specimen after a long campaign.

In a rare autumn haul, Daniel also added fish of 3lb 1oz and 2lb 8oz.

Targeting a big northern gravel pit, Daniel had spent all summer chasing big rudd, and it wasn’t until his very last session that he had the catch of a lifetime.

“The lake is very tricky and is a long four hour drive to reach,” Daniel explained, “and with other species to target this time of year I thought my chances had gone.

“But I am pleased to report that after an extreme amount of effort through the summer trying to bag a big rudd I finally succeeded on my last trip of the season.

“I actually fished four different waters bagging twos from all of them but finally hit the jackpot on a large tough gravel pit up north.

“Within a very short feeding spell I managed three rudd including a 2lb 8oz, 3lb 1oz and the monster 3lb 10oz fish that beats my previous personal best by 2oz.”

All of Daniel’s fish fell to 10mm fluro Dynamite Baits Source pop-up dumbells presented over a bed of Dynamite Baits Krill Pulses and Particles.