Richard Mills 6lb 2oz Eel

Angling pressure can negatively impact the quality of fishing on a water, but by doing just one session a year on a certain eel water, Richard Mills’ believes he swings the odds of a big fish in his favour, as was proven with this 6lb 2oz specimen from the venue.
The big eel fanatic limits himself to just one three-night session a year on the three-acre southern stillwater, knowing full well that the fishing will become increasingly difficult the more time he spends on the bank. Even with his self-imposed bankside restriction, he’s noticed the fishing become more challenging over the years. But his frugal approach was rewarded when the impressive specimen picked up his roach deadbait. Initially, Richard thought he’d hooked a carp, having landed several of them already on both dead and live fish. However, upon on lifting into the gentle bite, he knew right away he’d hooked his target species by its characteristic fight.

Well done Richard!