Sam Smith 3lb 5oz Rudd

Having spotted some decent rudd whilst out kayaking on a Fenland river, Norfolk angler Sam Smith returned, armed with his float rod and bread, and had the session of a lifetime.
After introducing some feed he had big rudd taking confidently seconds later, and the next 15 minutes were something of a ‘blur’, in Sam’s words. Rudd after rudd came to the net after engulfing his surface-fished hookbait. He gently placed each fish in the keepnet immediately after being landed, allowing him to make the most of the feeding spell.

Come the end of the manic session, he had three fish over the two-pound mark, weighing 2lb 10oz, 2lb 7oz, and 2lb 2oz, as well as one that dwarfed the rest. He was blown away when he weighed it at the needle of his scales spun round to 3lb 5oz, giving him a superb new PB.

Well done Sam!