Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #23 – Target The Margins

Commercial fisheries are without a doubt one of the best places to target large perch nowadays due to an abundance of food in the form of small silverfish. 

When targeting perch on commercial fisheries I often find that the margins are the best area to fish for perch. In this instance, I will opt to fish a long rod such as the 17ft Acolyte Float, but with a pole float. This enables me to be very accurate with my presentation and offers great sensitivity.

As I like to also keep my loose feed in a tight area I will feed entirely via a pole, in my case 3 sections of a Series 7 Margin Carp pole with a small cup attached at the end. This enables me to simply ship the pole out and accurately place my bait right under my pole float.

Attention to detail can often make a huge difference, especially when fishing for big wary fish.