Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #17 – Strong Mainline For Pike

With any form of fishing, it is vital to use the correct tackle and even more so when pike fishing. 

E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line – 60lb

The most important item of tackle when pike fishing has to be the mainline, whether that is braid or mono.

For the majority of my pike fishing, I like to use the E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line in 60lb breaking strain. This may seem over-gunned, but it is always better to fish stronger than needed, especially when pike are concerned. As lost pike due to tackle failure will struggle to throw the hooks.

But, if I am fishing a very rocky venue, for example, the River Wye, I will use ESP Syncro XT Loaded in 18lb. Mono is more resilient than braid and offers better abrasion resistance if it was to ever rub against any rocks or snags.

Both of these options may seem very extreme, but you need the strength to be able to pull open strong treble hooks if your rig ever becomes snagged to avoid leaving a baited rig behind.