James Champkin 3lb 10oz Roach

For many of us, going on a ‘social’ involves catching very little – instead the focus is on chilling out with friends. But..
..on a trip to an East Anglia gravel pit, James Champkin managed to not only catch up with a couple of old mates, but also take a scintillating haul of roach, landing fish of 3lb 10oz, 2lb 15oz, and 2lb 13oz.

The venue is predominately a big carp venue, and James battled through strong winds and driving rain throughout the session. His successful tactic was to use a 35g feederbomb, filled with maggots alongside red maggot hookbaits presented on size 12 hooks and tied to fluorocarbon hooklinks. These were fished over hemp and mixed particles.

Well done James!