Calogero Iacono 16lb Zander

On his first solo boat trip, Calogero Iacono was rewarded with this 16lb zander. He was targeting a midlands river, and the main priority of the trip was to have a play with his new electronics. After spending two hours driving up and down, watching the screen and setting it up, he decided to start fishing.

Little did he know that this 16lb zander, measuring 86cm, would smash his 13cm shad just as the light was fading. He’d cast to a spot where he’d seen some fizzing, given the lure two ‘hops’, before it was smashed by a powerful fish. With his clutch set tight, Calogero was towed upsteam, with the fish stripping line and his rod tip hooped over, touching the water, before finally landing the fish.

Well done Calogero!