New Tackle From Drennan July 2022!

Our latest product launch has something for everyone, from Long Reach Specialist Net Handles to Acolyte Commercial Feeder Rods! 10mm Mugglers –Designed for shallow waggler fishing on commercial waters they are perfect for casting and mugging carp when they have moved out beyond the pole line and Mini Muggler range…. Read more

New Tackle From Drennan!

Our latest product launch has something for everyone, from our revolutionary new Acolyte Hooks to a Specialist Umbrella range! Acolyte Hooks – Due to the development of new materials and new processing techniques, large eyed hooks have improved significantly in strength and durability. Unfortunately the improvements could not be applied to… Read more

New Tackle From Drennan

Our latest product launch includes some exciting new feeders, Red Range rods, Specialist nets, cool bag, and caps. Method Bombs – The Method Bomb is our latest addition to the feeder range and is made from a strong and durable alloy material. The weight forward, streamlined design provides accurate, long-range casting. The… Read more

Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #27 – Maggot Feeder Rig

During the winter there is one bait that will usually score when all else fails, and that bait is maggots and plenty of them.  Maggots are a great bait not only for chub but also for barbel during the winter. The rig I use is a very simple and one… Read more