The Perfect Choice For Big Rivers

The all-new Acolyte Plus 15ft float rod has just been unveiled and looks set be a firm fixture in Steve Hemingray’s armoury this winter.


We joined the Team England star on the banks of his local River Trent in Nottingham to see the rod in action.

“The Acolyte 15ft Plus is the more powerful brother to the 15ft Ultra and absolutely perfect for big rivers like the Wye, Severn and, of course, the Trent where I am today,” explained Steve. “It’s more than a match for chub and barbel on the float, and it’s also ideal for big weights of smaller fish with stepped-up tackle.

“A lot of companies have tried and failed to produce a quality 15ft rod that’s this thin, light and well balanced. To do that with a more powerful rod is even more difficult, but that’s exactly what Drennan have now managed. The balance is superb. It sits up lovely in your hand and you can fish with it all day without strain. 

“I could be fishing a big bolo float down the middle, a deep waggler rig, or just running a stick float off the rod tip and this rod will cover it all. The crisp tip helps to pick up line and connect with bites really fast. The extra length also really helps with line control and gives you that extra bit of reach you often need on the river.

“I now have two Acolyte Plus 15fts ready made up in a Rod Case so I can assemble them in seconds. I can see these rods getting a lot of use this winter!”