Steve Fenton 7lb 13oz Chub

Steve Fenton has enjoyed a blistering end to the river season on the Lee

He’s had a string of quality chub, with fish of 6lb 15oz, 6lb 6oz and 6lb 1oz before finally slipping the net under a PB for the venue in the shape of this 7lb 13oz specimen.

Bread flake was his winning hookbait, which he presented on a size 8 hook and 7lb fluorocarbon hooklink. A feeder, packed with liquidised bread, helped tempt the fish into the swim. The big ‘seven’ gave him a tiny drop-back bite and, when he first hooked it, Steve thought it might just have been a small chub as it headed straight towards him. But, under the rod tip, it fought doggedly.

Well done Steve!