Summertime Stalking

Tom Aldous enjoys spending his summer in search of chub on his local river using very simple stalking tactics.

Tom with an early season monster going 6lb 1oz, caught just a few days into the new season.

“I have always enjoyed stalking chub in the summer for two reasons. Firstly, it is very simple, all that I need for a session will fit into my pocket. The other reason being that it’s a very visual form of fishing and can provide instant action in most swims. Perfect if time on the bank is limited.

“My setup is very simple. A strong hook, usually a Drennan Super Specialist hook in either a size 6 or 8, tied directly onto 6lb Specimen Plus mainline. That’s it, Strong, simple and reliable.

“As for bait, I mainly use lumps of bread or cheese, but my all time favourite bait has to be snails and slugs. These are part of their natural diet and will trigger the fishes natural instinct, as long as they are carefully ‘plopped’ into the river just upstream of  them. Too close and they will spook”.