Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #9 – Refined Lift Method

One of my favourite methods to target crucians has to be the ‘refined’ lift method, fished just down the marginal of the shelf. 

If the margin shelf is within a rod length out I will opt for a pole float and fish directly under the rod tip for accuracy. But if the shelf drops away further out I will turn to a ‘refined’ lift method.

By using a refined lift method it allows you to fish accurately and effectively at the bottom of the marginal shelf, even if it is slightly further out.

The key to this method is to plumb the swim accurately, and by using a single No.4 or BB just above the hook you can cast out past the area and edge the float back into the same position each time.

If the float sinks, you are too far out and not on the spot. Simply edge the float back until the float sits up and the tip is just showing. This means that the small shot above the hook is sitting just on the bottom. It may take a couple of casts to get it perfect, but once done correctly the trap is set and you are fishing very effectively.

Crucians can be an incredibly shy biting species, but by fishing with this ‘refined’ lift method you will find the bites much easier to hit.

A lovely crucian caught on the ‘refined’ lift method.