Drennan Matchman Lured By Dropshotting

Dropshotting has to be one of the biggest crazes to hit the UK in recent years as anglers  realise just how accessible and enjoyable the method can be. Top match angler Jon Arthur is one such convert and after just two sessions he’s already hooked!

Jon Arthur poses with his first ever perch caught dropshotting.
Jon Arthur poses with his first ever perch caught dropshotting.

“I’ve had two very enjoyable dropshotting sessions so far,” the Drennan-backed matchman explained. “Earlier this week I caught a near-5lb zander after just 10 minutes into my first-ever go. That was soon followed by a 2lb zander and both were fooled on a natural-looking 6cm soft lure. 

“I learnt a lot from that short session and, two days later, I returned to the same stretch for another go. This time I rigged myself up with a 7ft E-SOX Spinflex rod, a Drennan FD-3000 reel loaded with 0.12mm braid to a 10lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 dropshot hook and a 7g dropshot barrel weight. 

 “What I really wanted to catch was a big perch, but it was bitterly cold and the canal was heavily coloured so I didn’t really fancy my chances. Imagine my surprise when what I assumed was another zander that had taken a bright-white lure presented 10 inches off the deck turned out to be an awesome-looking perch!

 “I was really made up with that one fish and cannot wait to have another go. I’d love to catch a canal chub on the tactic now. I know there are specimens over 6lb lurking in my local canal. It would be amazing to fool a greedy predator like that!”

Jon used a 7ft E-SOX Spinflex rod combined with a Drennan FD-3000 reel.