David Gaskin 42lb 8oz Pike

Without doubt, Chew has been the in-form pike fishery, with several huge pike being reported and David Gaskin is one of a few anglers who has got in on the action with this staggering 42lb 8oz predator, caught on a float fished herring deadbait.

He told us “Conditions were rough, my boat partner Ed Wade and I had caught nothing throughout the day. We were due in at 4:50pm, and at 4pm, I said if we got one, it’d be a monster. 10 minutes later, as we were starting to pack a few bits up, the float slid away, and I hit into what I instantly knew was a good fish. It gave an unheroic fight, but when it surfaced, Ed and I gave each other that unspoken look anglers do, knowing there was something special on the end. Although that was our only bite of the day, at 42lb 8oz, we didn’t mind!”

Well done David!