Bream On The Feed At Ferry Meadows

simon-taylor-catchSimon Taylor recently caught a lovely net of bream from Ferry Meadows in Peterborough with the help of Drennan tackle.

Here’s what the Bedford-based angler had to say about his 50lb-plus catch:

10446378_716391435085361_1344413880_n“I used a 13ft Distance Method Feeder rod from Drennan, 8lb braid, 12lb shock leader, 5lb 2ft hooklength, size 14 Kamasan B520 hook and a 40g Kevin Leach distance feeder. The bait was chopped worm and caster in the feeder, plugged both ends with Sensas Bream and Lake Sweet Fishmeal and worm and caster on the hook. All the fish were caught at 70 reel turns.”