Brace Of Personal Bests

Kent-based all-rounder Daniel Woolcott drove nearly 1,000 miles across the UK to land two new personal bests.

Daniel-Woolcott---3lb-8oz-ruddThe first target was a big roach from the famous Lochnaw near Stranraer, Scotland. Daniel fed an area at 70 yards with groundbait which was laced with hemp and maggot. With only a few small roach to show for his efforts after the first night his confidence was low. But the second evening he received a series of bleeps and was soon lifting into a big fish.


“I could feel solid resistance. My angling companion for the session James Champkin thought it might have been a trout, but once we got it closer we could see it was a huge roach!” explained Daniel.

The scales swung round to 2lb 11oz, a new personal best for Daniel. He also landed another big roach of 2lb 6oz before making the long journey back to Kent.

Next on his list was a big rudd. He used identical tactics at Buckland Lake fishery and was rewarded at 4am with a new personal best rudd of 3lb 8oz!

Both fish were beaten using 5lb fluorocarbon mainline and size 12 Drennan Super Specialist Hooks. Drennan Super Specialist Micro Barbed hooks are pro­duced in extra strong high carbon steel. Their tough­ness and reli­ab­ility for hooking and landing big fish is legendary.

This cap­ture was awarded a weekly Drennan Cup in Angling Times on the 25th of November.