Andy Loble Searching for Gold!

Andy Loble moved to the Cambridge area in the Summer – and was quick to take advantage of the exceptional Rudd fishing on offer locally!

Ben Hervey-Murray joined Andy with float rods, Crystal Wagglers and bread in a quest for 2lb+ fish, and their research paid dividends when they located specimen Rudd sipping items off the top.

After a succession of 1lb class fish, Andy decided on a slight change of tactics – adapting a 1.5g Glow Tip Carp Waggler into a subtle surface controller that would help present a hookbait on the surface. Some Hinders Supreme Cream flavouring was added to the bread with the thinking the sweet flavour would help with drawing in larger fish.

This innovative approach worked, and resulted in more big fish around 1lb 14oz and topped by a fabulous 2lb 1oz fish! Andy says next summer he’ll go for a Fens 3lb Rudd…

For full details on the Drennan Glow Tip Carp Waggler floats, click here.