The Croatian Feeder League

Dora Kolmanić has sent in some nice pictures and information on the Croatian Feeder League that the Orka Drennan team have been fishing.


“Some of these images are from Rakitje, a lake near Zagreb in Croatia which is full of carp, Prussian carp and bream,” Dora explains. “It was the first match in the Croatian Feeder League and Orka Drennan were 3rd. Davor Kolmanic was 3rd in A Section, Luka Jantol was 4th in B Section and Antonio Horvatic was 3rd in C Section.

“This was heavy duty feeder fishing long distance, 70-80 metres. On this lake braid is forbidden, so we must use mono so extra strong rods and large reels are required. We therefore used Drennan Feeder & Method Mono in 0.23mm and 0.25mm with strong a shock leader. We use Drennan Cage Feeders and bullet-type feeders, size 10 and 12 Carbon Feeder hooks and size 12 Specimen hooks.

“The following match was small bream fishing on Lake Ivanec where Team Orka Drennan were 2nd. It was very windy and cold. Drennan Acolyte Ultra and Plus Feeder rods were the team weapons supported by FD 3000 reels.

“The next round is late May at Garesnica, a lake full of Prussian carp.”