Stainless Oval Cage Feeders for Winter Roach & Chub

Drennan Stainless Oval Cage Feeders are a great choice for use with breadcrumb when targeting Roach & Chub on rivers this Winter!

A nice consistency breadcrumb mix can be really deadly for both species, creating a nice leak-off of particles without any large items to fill the fish in cold water winter situations. A pinch of flake on the hook will often then outwit specimen sized fish drawn to the cloud of crumb, and many a 2lb Roach or 6lb Chub has fallen in this way!

Stainless Oval Cage Feeders are available in 6 sizes from 10g to 35g, and a heavyweight version in a further 4 sizes from 40g to 70g (2.5oz). Click here for further details.