More Than Just A Carp Pole

A productive session at Bishops Bowl with the Red Range RX Carp 13m saw Jon Arthur put together a quality haul of bream and carp.


The RX Carp was the ideal tool for the job during a session on the picturesque Rushglen Lake at the unique Warwickshire venue. Fishing a mixture of 6mm pellets and 6mm cubes of meat at the pole’s maximum length of 13 metres, it didn’t take Jon long to start putting some chunky little carp in the net. An hour later, however, and the first of several quality bream to 5lb put in a surprise appearance. The best specimen actually fell to a cube of hair-rigged meat fished up in the water – not your average bream tactic!

As the session drew to an end he decided to switch his attentions to a margin swim. A dark shadow could be seen regularly scouting the area in the relatively clear water and Jon was keen to catch it! Once he had worked out how to bypass the hordes of tiny perch that were lapping up his groundbait and dead maggots he eventually got his reward in the shape of a really handsome 10lb common carp. It gave a great account of itself on pink Carp Bungee and the Side Pull System.

“For fishing long, down the margins and even shallow fishing, the RX Carp performed brilliantly, especially for a pole costing less than £400,” Jon explained. “I’m now left wondering if those quality Bishops Bowl bream will keep feeding this coming winter!” 

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