Jack Pells Floater Caught 20lb+ Carp

Thank you to Jack Pells from Surrey for pictures of some early Spring Floater-caught 20lb Carp.

“I noticed that the carp on my local club water seemed to be moving around on the top lately so I popped over there to do some floater fishing and managed to trick a 23lb 8oz mirror. I caught it on the ESP MKII Floater rod and used a little 5 gram Drennan Surface Controller as I didn’t want to scare them off with a huge splash! It put up a great scrap and playing it on the ESP rod was superb! Light enough to hold and carry around the lake but powerful enough to put a stop to the runs the fish went on!” explained Jack.

“I saw a big pair of lips appear, then the carp turned its head and the controller sailed across the surface. I struck and it was just solid for a moment, if I hadn’t had know better I would have thought I had hooked the bottom!

I then had another 20 on the same method last night after work. The trusty old Drennan 5 gram Controller worked again. Was perfect for getting enough distance with as little disturbance to the fish as possible! 20lb on the nose.”

For full details on the Drennan Surface Controllers as used by Jack, click here.