Specialist Landing Nets

Our latest Drennan Specialist Landing Nets are ideal for specimen tench, bream, chub and barbel.

specialist landing net

They are available in two sizes, both featuring high modulus carbon arms that slot neatly into a lightweight, but extremely strong, spreader block complete with stainless steel screw fitting.

The smaller 32” (81cm) version has a 27” (69cm) gape at the front and 8mm mesh, while the larger 36” (91cm) option has a 31” (79cm) gape and larger 10mm mesh. This allows for faster scooping and offers minimal resistance in the flow should you be fishing a river.

The mesh itself is a strong yet soft hexagonal design in an unobtrusive olive green colour.

These nets have been extensively tested and are the ideal companion to our Super Specialist Twistlock and Compact Twistlock Handles.

The Range:

  • 32” (81cm)
  • 36” (91cm)


  • High modulus carbon arms
  • Lightweight spreader block with stainless steel screw fitting
  • Olive green hexagonal mesh
  • Ideal for specimen tench, bream, chub, and barbel
  • Perfect companion to our Super Specialist Twistlock Handles