Sweetcorn Barbless

Sweetcorn Barbless hooks are designed specifically for presenting sweetcorn on the hook. 

The special finish on these hooks tones well with Sweetcorn but also makes a good change of hook colour over light, sandy gravel.

With its long point, angled back towards the hook-shank and a pronounced reverse, very few fish are lost on this excellent, barbless design.


The Range:

  • Size 6 (0.80mm)
  • Size 8 (0.71mm)
  • Size 10 (0.64mm)
  • Size 12 (0.59mm)
  • Size 14 (0.52mm)
  • Size 16 (0.49mm)


  • Eyed
  • Gold
  • Barbless
  • Special Bend
  • Forged
  • Medium Shank
  • Reversed
  • Ground and Chemically Etched Needle point
  • Ten hooks per packet