Puddle Chuckers

A fantastic range of 12 Puddle Chuckers designed primarily for commercial fisheries they are an ideal choice of waggler for fishing up in the water or in shallow depths of water. 

The Crystal body and ‘dumpy’ pro­por­tions make it very unobtrusive. They also cast a surprisingly long way for their relative size!

They are lighter and more buoyant than balsa wood and the material is also much tougher and impervious to line and shot damage.

Those with antennas can interchange the tips with Standard, Match or Giant Combo Tips – and even Drennan Night Lights for use in the darkness.

They have a clever attachment that can be clipped on and off so that the whole float can be changed in seconds.

The Range:

  • No4: 1.75g + 2No4
  • No5: 2.5g + 3No6
  • No6: 3g + 3No4
  • No10: 1.75g + 2No4
  • No11: 2.5g + 2No4
  • No12: 3g + 3No4
  • No16: 2.5g + 3No4
  • No17: 3.5g + 3No4
  • No18: 4g + 4No4
  • No20: 2.5SSG (4g+)
  • No22: 2.5g + 3No4
  • No23: 3.5g + 3No4
  • No24: 4.5g + 3No4


  • Unobtrusive
  • Light
  • Very buoyant
  • Shallow diving
  • Perfect for shallow venues