Winter Sport On The Moscow River

Sergey Kuzmin braved sub-zero temperatures in Russia last week to take this hard-earned catch of roach and skimmers.


The keen feeder angler caught tackled the Moscow River near the town of Lytkarino. Conditions were far from easy, as Sergey explains:

“When I went on the fishing trip, the weather was good, no wind, calm, but it was a little cold, about 2˚C. We tackled up and mixed our feed and were all prepared, but as soon as we began to catch, there was a heavy snow shower, the wind increased and the temperature was now -4˚C!

“It was hard to catch at long range from the strong wind, so I switched to a closer 25m zone with my favourite Drennan Matchpro Medium Feeder to try to catch at close range.

“With the fishing so hard I used bloodworm as well as red and white maggots on the hook. I started with a tail length of 80cm then reduced this to 60cm to try and hit the difficult bites. This was the first time I have fished in these conditions this year. It was instructive, but the snow was too heavy!”