Wayne Reeve 3lb 4oz Rudd

The Fenland Drains have been in great form for rudd so far this season, with Wayne Reeve one of the latest anglers to make the most of the impressive fish they hold with this 3lb 4oz specimen.
He added three others over 2lb as well as one over 1lb to cap a memorable session.

As is often the case with these big Fenland rudd, the fishing itself was simple, with freelined bread fished on the surface the winning tactic. The real key to success on these long, expansive waterways, is being prepared to walk the bank wearing polaroid sunglasses and find the fish. Wayne certainly did that, travelling nearly four miles throughout the day, up and down various drains, in a bid to spot one of the larger rudd. Once located, it was a simple matter of presenting his hookbait accurately and singling out the fish he wanted.

Well done Wayne!