Warren Hammond 6lb 1oz Eel

Warren Hammond fished an overnight session on a Surrey gravel pit in hope of a few tench during the day and then swapping over to do a spot of eel fishing during the night..

After arriving Warren found a nice clear, gravelly area at around 50 yards out which he baited with lots of dead maggots, caster and groundbait and cast out his maggot feeder helicopter rigs out with fake caster as hookbait. Unfortunately for Warren the tench just wasn’t playing ball so as darkness approached he switched over to target the eels on the same set up but with 6 live maggots threaded onto a size 10 hook. The evening was passed by with no bites until he alarm sounded at around 2am which saw him land a 4lb 10oz then a couple of minutes later he backed it up with a further eel of 6lb 1oz, not bad for a 5 minute window!