Vandervleit Wins At Cross Drove

Chris Vandervleit used his favourite worm-and-caster tactics to score a comfortable win at Cross Drove Fishery.

The match ace won from peg 5 at the Norfolk venue on one of the hottest days of the year so far. He caught plenty of bream, skimmers, brown goldfish and some very large F1s to 6lb for a 84lb 8oz total.

“Peg 5 hasn’t had any form of late, but I quite fancied it for a few fish due to the amount of shade it offered,” he explained.

Chris’ peg.

“I used my Acolyte Carp pole at 10 metres with a 0.4g Carp 7 float on 0.18mm Supplex to a 0.16mm hooklength and size 16 Kamasan B911 hook with pink Carp Bungee. There are a lot of snags so you need to be in control of the fish at this place!”

“I fished chopped worms and casters with Bait-Tech F1 groundbait. The best hook bait was a whole dendra, which helped to avoid the smaller rudd.”