Try A Hair-Rigged Worm

Take Alan Scotthorne’s advice and try a hair-rigged worm this weekend. 


With lots of aquatic life suddenly beginning to hatch in our waterways the fish begin to really switch on to baits like chopped worm and casters. A piece of hair-rigged worm therefore makes a great offering for all sorts of species, from carp and F1s to tench and bream.

A hair-rigged worm is ideal for fish like this.

If you haven’t tried hair-rigging worms before it’s a must-try tactic and something Alan Scotthorne has been particularly successful with on commercial fisheries. One beauty of a hair-rigged bait is the fact that the entire hook is exposed. This makes it harder for tiny fish to swallow and also much harder for a quality fish to eject. You can often catch several fish on one hook bait before you need to rebait as well.

An eyed hook complete with a hair-rigged Pushstop makes baiting up with a Pushstop Pusher a simple process. We also produce a convenient range of ready tied Pushstop Hair Rigs in a wide range of sizes.

Done correctly you can securely hide the entire Pushstop inside the worm and make a really resilient hook bait. You can also vary the size from a whole worm to tiny inch-long segments. Give it a go!