Trotting For Big Roach & Dace At Dawn

This wonderfully atmospheric photo shows Hampshire’s Matt Tann trotting for big Roach & Dace at dawn using the a new Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 15ft rod!

Matt fishes all his local southern rivers & chalk streams on occasion, generally preferring to trot a float wherever possible for the fast biting Dace and equally shy biting Roach…

The new 15ft version of the Matchpro Ultralight is an exceptionally light and well balanced rod, weighing in at just 185g (6.5oz). The extra length allows significantly improved line control and float management over shorter rods, and the ultra-fine cushion tip means the danger of hook pulls with delicate silverfish is minimized. Furthermore, the rod breaks down into three equal length 5ft sections meaning it can still be transported (with care) made-up in a padded rod sleeve.

For full details on the rod, click here.