Traditional Bread Tactics Fool Huge Chub

Andy Lewis not only broke his personal best but smashed it to pieces while out on his first trip to a new venue! Here’s his account of a truly memorable day.


After receiving an offer from my angling friend, Ryan Hayden, to join him on a stretch of river that has the potential to produce good quality chub, I quickly accepted. As with each New Year, I like to set myself some personal targets with my angling, to break my chub personal best was included in this.

I usually fish for chub on the Upper Warwickshire Avon with very simple bread tactics using a small Gripmesh Feeder. As with most of my fishing, when going to an unknown water I tried to cover every eventually and angle so this time after conversations with Ryan I took boilies, paste, worms, maggots and bread – only missing out on the kitchen sink due to no more space in my rucksack!

After trying a few swims on the stick float and maggot, we decided to make a move to the deeper swims as the sun began to burn through the cloud. I baited up with my old faithful liquidised bread with added krill powder in the 15g Gripmesh Feeder held in place on a paternoster with Float Stops, with a big piece of flake on the hook.

I cast out to the far side, allowing the feeder to find its natural resting point down in the deeper water mid-river. After a recast to top up and ensure the bread was still present on the hook, I commented to Ryan that it was a bit slow… before my tip twitched once then slammed around. Fish on!

I knew that is was not a small fish as it quickly swam to the far side and then made its way upstream. The nerves started to set in. Feeling like I was gaining the upper hand, I slowly brought the fish into the nearside margin then with a quick lunge from my ‘gillie’ the prize was in the net! As he lifted the net Ryan said, “It’s a 6!”

I have never seen a chub like it in person. Not just its length but its depth and width across the shoulders. On the scales, the fish went 6lb 12 ½oz. I have to say I was absolutely made up. Not only had I beat my PB, but I had smashed it!

After resting the fish, a few pictures were quickly taken and the fish was gently released back into the depths. It has taken a while for it to sink in. Just a few weeks into the New Year and one of my targets has already been achieved!