Top Rod At Chew Valley Lake

Cheshire-based pike specialist, Kev Shore, has definitely been putting his E-Sox Piker braid to the test this season with a string of huge pike from Chew Valley Lake.


Kev has had an incredible season so far on Chew. In the first three weeks of it opening this season he has landed four 30s to 35lb (pictured above) and numerous big 20 pounders, all caught on float-fished smelt. Undoubtedly the top rod!

Kev was one of four that tested our new E-Sox braids throughout 2012, prior to it’s launch, and he caught all of these fish on the 75lb breaking strain E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line.

“All of my pike over the past two years were caught on 75lb Piker Braid,” Kev commented. “It is the best braid I have used, never having had a problem with it. I am still using the original test braid now!”