Tony Sweeney 2lb 13oz Roach

It’s been 16 years since Tony Sweeney caught a 2lb roach on the Hampshire Avon and just like buses, 2 have come within a few days of each other!

He explains “The last time I caught a 2lb+ roach from the Hampshire Avon was 16 years ago, and for that fish I won a weekly Drennan Cup award and am still wearing the hat to this day as can been seen in the picture. On a couple of recent sessions I managed to catch 2 within a couple of days of one another with this 2lb 13oz being the biggest. I trotted double maggot on a size 16 gook and fed mixed maggots and casters to temp it. It’s the first large roach I have caught in the middle of the day, unlike the others which were all caught as it was getting dark”.