Tony Arbery’s 7lb 6oz eel

Eel fanatic Tony Arbery has banked the biggest Anguilla of the season in the form of this remarkable 7lb 6oz specimen.

The fish was part of a three-eel-haul and was taken during an evening session on a southern pit with his dad Len.

Tony told Angling Times: “I was unsure whether it was an eel or one of the water’s rare big carp that had been hooked, for it repeatedly made efforts to reach a sunken tree – but pretty soon after the fight suggested an eel.

“At this point my knees went wobbly, for it very nearly made the snags, taking line in a series of short, sharp, almost uncontrollable bursts of power, but I managed to steer it to the net.”

A dead roach hookbait proved to be the downfall of the specimen, which Tony mounted on a size 4 ESP Cryogen Gripper tied to 35lb Kryston Quicksilver hooklinks.

His rig incorporated a running rig incorporating a light 1oz bomb.