Tim Jackson, 19lb 3oz, 17lb 10oz, 16lb 10oz and 14lb 7oz Bream.

As the moon rose high over Tim and his friend, They both enjoyed a dream bream session

When night fishing was given the nod to go ahead, one man that made the most of it is Dorset angler, Tim Jackson, who enjoyed epic dream bream session.
Fishing a southern stillwater, Tim banked four fish in one memorable Monday night, weighing 19lb 3oz, 17lb 10oz, 16lb 10oz and 14lb 7oz.
The session coincided with a full moon, and Tim knew conditions were perfect. After finding some firm clay spots 80 yards out, three kilos of crushed boilie were baited along an area 30 yards wide. Tim spread his rods across this area, with the hope of picking off fish on each rod as the shoal worked its way along the baited area.
As the moon rose high over Tim and his friend, Simon, the bream switched on. “At 9pm my first bite came, and I lifted into what I initially guessed it to be a big fish, as it held bottom throughout the fight. She went 17lb 10oz, and shortly after recasting, one of my other rods gave a few bleeps at 10.30pm. The bobbin lifted just half an inch, and I knew it was another bream. Lifting into it, this one didn’t move from the spot. I played it in silence, knowing it was a massive fish, until this giant bream emerged from the deep. The biggest bream we’d ever seen.”
Weighing in at 19lb 3oz, the fish is a different one from the 18lb 2oz specimen Tim had last November. But the action didn’t stop there, with Tim landing further fish of 16lb 10oz and 14lb 7oz.
“I was stinking of bream and in shock at had what just happened,” he added. “The lake is only 25 acres and has a very small shoal of bream left which is what made this catch so special. I’ve spent the last year establishing my homemade bait which has played a big part in my results. I feel very lucky to have landed these fish in a session I won’t forget.”
Tim’s fish fell to hand rolled 8mm fishmeal boilies, presented on a supple eight-inch hair rig.