Thirty For Steve On First Day Of Season

E-Sox pike specialist, Steve Rowley got his season off to a great start with this immaculate 31lb 4oz fish during his first day of the season on Chew Valley Lake.

Chew is undoubtedly the best pike fishery in the UK. In the first five days of the October pike trials, Chew has produced no less than twenty-four thirties and a huge number of twenties.

Steve got in on the action, catching his fish on smelt deadbait, on size 8 Extra Strong Pike Trebles, Super Trace Pike Wire, 60lb E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line, and his E-Sox Piker Bait rod.

This is Steve’s 15th pike over the magical 30lb mark as he heads towards his dream target of catching twenty, thirty-pound pike.