Theo’s Pair of Trotted BIG Chub

Welsh Wizard Terry ‘Theo’ Theobald had an truly astonishing end to the season, starting with 7lb plus Chub in consecutive days from the River Lea.

Theo is fast becoming known for his trotting skills where big Chub are concerned, and has taken specimen fish this way from various rivers including the Stour and Ouse in the past. At the end of the season the big Welshman travelled over to pit his wits against the Hertfordshire Chub for a few days, and his skills were not found wanting!

‘Whackers’ of 7lb 2oz, and then the next day, 7lb 14oz were tricked by trotting maggots on a size 18 to 4lb Drennan Super Spade to Nylon, beneath a Loafer float with a 4g Olivette and tiny size 24 swivel incorporated to reduce line twist. Theo subdued the big chub using patience, 4.4lb Floatfish mainline and his trusty Matchpro Ultralight 15ft rod!

For full details on this brilliant rod as used by Theo to great effect, click here.