Theo Theobald’s 8lb 1oz Trotted Chub!

Genial Welsh Specimen Angler, Author, Chepstow Radio DJ and Railway Tamper Driver Terry ‘Theo’ Theobald hit the jackpot just before the season ended with a huge 8lb 1oz Chub from the River Lea.

Theo was already in sparkling form even before this fish, having taken two 7lb plus fish just a week or so previously. He returned again just before the season ended to put his trusted trotting tactics to the test with the venues monstrous but cute Chub once again. Using a Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 15ft rod and white maggots on a size 18 Super Spade hook, Theo fed plenty of maggot to tempt the specimen out from snags, taking advantage of the fish’s greed to manufacture the crucial bite. Great angling!

For full details on the marvellous Ultralight 15ft rod as used by Theo to bag a succession of specimen Chub, click here.

Drennan Super Spade hooks are a proven choice where both strength and a first class presentation is required of a small hook.