The New Drennan 16m Acolyte Pole

Our new 16m Acolyte pole has been developed over a period of some 14 months with 5 Time World Champion Alan Scotthorne. 

Produced in ultra high modulus carbon it is lightweight, beautifully balanced and has quite amazing stiffness and rigidity.  Even at the full 16m there is little or no “droop” and as bounce and recoil have been almost eliminated the process of lifting into bites is much faster and more positive.

The extra long top 2’s are of an exceptionally large internal diameter which will take all light solid elastics up to and including Green Carp Bungee without any cutting back.

Takes all light elastic,  up to and including Green Carp Bungee.
Top 2’s can take all light elastic, up to and including Green Carp Bungee.

Many comparable poles on the market feel much the same as the Acolyte for weight and balance but have ultra thin tip sections which need to be severely cut back, or even discarded, before any elastic can be fitted. Inevitably this significantly shortens the pole’s fishable length.

A full selection of PTFE bushes are supplied including intermediates which can be fitted into foam nose cones in the No2 sections.

These intermediates centralise and smooth the stretch and recovery of elastic through the top 2.

The cupping top 2 or 3 is extra strong to support the weight of bait and there are also two extra strong short extensions which fit all six sections  from No 5 down.

With 8 spare top 2s and Skid Bungs etc, the Acolyte is a top end pole designed for the international match angler.

An exploded diagram of the 31 sections is attached:


Exclusive Video