The Margin Crystal Has Arrived

Introducing Drennan’s latest innovation for 2016!


First it was the Crystal Dibber. Then came the In-Line Crystal Dibber. Now we can proudly reveal Drennan’s newest creation: the Margin Crystal!

This extra-tough float is yet another feat of micro-engineering. The transparent polymer body is created by a unique blow-moulding process that takes Drennan’s trademark Crystal® technology a stage further.

An ultra-bright 2.5mm Glow Tip ensures this float can be used for fishing in open water, down the edge or up to far-bank islands. The 1mm glass stem offers strength and stability and a double-wound side eye gives even more durability.

The Margin Crystal is available in 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g sizes and is destined to be another classic!

Crystal® float components are produced in Drennan’s own factories, involving extrusion and injection moulding of plastic parts, automated milling, turning, finishing and hand assembly.