The Drennan Side Pull System Explained

The latest Side Pull System now comes as standard with Drennan Carp Kits, Double 2 Kits, Margin Kits and Ghost Kits. 


There are two key components to the Drennan Side Pull System: the Side Pull Slot and the Roller Cone.

The Side Pull Slot

When Puller Kits were first developed, they featured a single hole for the elastic to exit the side. After extensive testing we believe an elongated PTFE slot or trough is much more efficient, as the elastic exits the hole at a shallower angle. This ensures it functions in an extremely smooth manner without juddering.

If you choose to run your pole elastic conventionally through the Side Pull Slot it will work quite efficiently. However, we’ve gone a step further and developed the Roller Cone!

The Roller Cone

drennan-roller-coneThis is an injection moulded cone that fits inside the top kit, flush with the Side Pull Slot. It has been designed in such a way that it butts up against the PTFE slot in the upright position for perfect alignment. Using a standard Drennan bung extractor rod you can insert and remove the Roller Cone really easily.

Taking a closer look at the Cone itself, a key to its efficiency is its free-running wheel. This is produced in a tough engineering polymer. You cannot actually mould these to this high standard, so they are individually machined, as miniature turned parts. Similarly, the tiny stainless steel spindle that the wheel sits on is individually machined to a high tolerance. There are two sizes of Roller Cone; one for a standard Carp Kits and one to fit the shorter Double 2 Kits and Red Range Carp Kits.

The result is an ultra smooth, free running mechanism that we believe is mechanically superior to any other side pull system!

Side Pull Beads

side-pull-beadsA third part of the setup is a Side Pull Bead. There are four sizes with different diameter bores to correspond with green, yellow, pink and red Carp Bungee elastic. These are gripper beads that hold the elastic in place and made from thermoplastic rubber. You can also use them as elastic tensioners, by simply pulling some elastic out. This allows you to temporarily tighten up the elastic, but still revert back to the original tension.

A Lightweight System

The actual weight of the Roller Cone AND the PTFE Side Pull Slot together is nearly half the weight of a Pull Bung. So, you are actually getting an even lighter setup when the Side Pull System is fitted!

Once the Roller Cone is in place, your pole elastic works super smooth. It also reduces friction, which helps to prolong the life of your pole elastic. As it is perfectly aligned, the elastic can also be pulled out through the slot in any direction and the wheel will still do its job perfectly.

The Side Pull System is a great development that will really help you to play fish more efficiently!



Fitting A Roller Cone (1.9Mb PDF file)