The Drennan Revolution Tangle-Free Catapults

The Revolution Catapult: A new design pouch and frame, with super-slick rotation bearings. 

The perennial problem with catapults is twisting up of the elastic – so these have a special attachment at the frame end which is designed to revolve freely and reduce such tangles to an absolute minimum.

We also recognised that pellet waggler feeding methods meant we had to produce a caty that was really tough and durable. The handle is ergonomically correct, fitting the hand perfectly, and the best way to reduce elastic wear at this frame end is to have a straight attachment peg, protruding ‘in the line of pull’.

Similarly, the pouches are designed with constant, pellet feeding in mind, they are produced under strict moulding conditions from a super-tough polymer.

There are four catapults in the range, two on the smaller frame, Aqua with Ultra Soft Elastic and Red with Light Elastic.  Like the frame, rotation bearings and special cluster feed pouches which ensure tight spread of bait, the elastics on these two models is a special polymer blend produced in our own factories.  As a result, the elastics are not subject to UV damage like the natural latex materials.  The Aqua and Red Catys are ideal for shorter range baiting and wonderfully accurate at pole distance.

Two larger models in the range are the Green with Strong Latex and the Orange with X-strong latex.  Being a natural material, the latex has a limited life, but has unique ‘punch’, stretch and recovery which cannot be reproduced with synthetic materials.  (At least, it can’t at the moment, but we’re working on it!)

These models have been many months in development, field testing and production and again, we believe the difference in quality of build is visible.

Alan Scotthorne is very pleased that he can finally use them out in matches!