The Drennan MatchPro Ultralight 15ft

We’ve just recently launched a long awaited new rod – the Matchpro Ultralight 15ft. This completes the Ultralight range, with the rod available in 11ft, 12ft, 13ft, 14ft & 15ft lengths – so there is a version available to suit just about every anglers taste & particular venue!

The original Drennan Ultralight Waggler rods were launched way back in 2001 – these ‘Mk 1’ versions being available in 13ft, 14ft & 15ft lengths. However, when the slimmer MKII Ultralights were launched in 2005, the 15ft version was discontinued – and has been quite a sought after rod ever since! We’ve been aware of a demand for quite some time now, and have taken the time to get this model right; top angler Martin Bowler being involved in appraising various versions prior to production.

When trotting for various species of fish on rivers, the big advantage of a long rod is improved line control. It is significantly easier to trot the float directly downstream of the rod tip, reducing the amount of line that gets laid on the surface and thus making ‘mending’ line much easier. Critically, efficient striking of a bite is generally much improved in this way, leading to more fish being hooked!

Martin is pictured here with a fine Chub caught on the rod last Winter, whilst using it to trot a Crystal Avon float on the Hampshire Avon.

The new 2012 Matchpro Ultralight 15ft retails at £159.00 and is significantly slimmer and lighter than its 2001 predecessor. It consists of three equal length 5ft sections, enabling it to be easily transported in a Drennan padded rod sleeve, and with care carried ‘made-up’. We are sure it is destined to be a huge hit with discerning river anglers in particular, and is ideal for use with both lightweight fixed spool reels and Centrepins!

For full details on this exciting rod, click here.